COVID-19 N-Protein

Serial Number?RNS92048Product Name?COVID-19 N-ProteinProduction Date?2/20/2020Batch No?20200110Expression System?Prokaryotic ExpressionIsoelectric Point?10.0 M.W.:64KDProduct Preservation System?1xPBS

  • Brand:REAGEN
  • Model:RNS92048

Serial Number?RNS92048

Product Name?COVID-19 N-Protein

Production Date?2/20/2020

Batch No?20200110

Expression System?Prokaryotic Expression

Isoelectric Point?10.0 M.W.:64KD

Product Preservation System?1xPBS Buffer



Purity?Electrophoretic purity is greater than 96%

Characteristic ? If a little precipitation occurs after reconstitution of high-purity

antibodies, it is recommended to use a 0.22ul filter to avoid high-speed centrifugation.

Use Range?Suitable for colloidal gold, ELISA detection, protein / antigen binding,

antibody immunity, etc.

Storage and Shelf Life?Refrigerate at 2-8 ? for 2 months; store at -20 ? for 5

years. It is recommended to store separately, avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles, and

perform the necessary repeated evaluation before batch use in product production to

ensure test performance.

Warnings and Precautions?Handle with caution due to its unknown physiological

effects and cannot be applied to human medication.

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