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7098 Miratech Dr Ste 110 San Diego CA 92121 USA   

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0047 46393984

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Office hours:
Normal business hours are 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.  weekdays.

Information for Ordering:
There is no minimum order requirement. For faster service, please provide us with the following information: 
Customer account number (if you have one) 
Valid purchase order number 
Name and phone number of end user 
Billing address 
Shipping address 
Name and phone number of purchasing agent 
Catalog number and description of product 
Email-ID of the Accounts dept. and the End user

To confirm your telephone order in writing, mark your confirmation clearly with " Confirmation - Do Not Duplicate" and send or fax it to us. If your institution orders regularly, written confirmation of telephone orders is generally unnecessary.

About Us

REAGEN INC,focusing on ELISA,PCR,Lateral Flow testing  kits including clinical disease detecting kits,food&feed safety test kits and animal epidemic virus detecting kits in US for 11 years

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