Extraction column development engineer

USA 1 5K-8K

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in chemistry or analysis.

2, have done column or extraction column is preferred.

3. Experience in extraction column packing is preferred.

4. Have strong research and development experience, good at literature review, good at summarizing data collected in the research and development process, and reasonable analysis and inference, so as to promote the progress of the project;

5. Strong communication skills, passion for scientific research, strong sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit.

Job responsibilities:

1. Mainly responsible for the r&d and application of extraction columns of the company, and carried out product r&d according to the arrangement of department heads.

2. Completed the writing of r&d project approval report, recorded, analyzed and reported the experimental results in the process.

3. Assisted in collecting relevant information and technical data of product r&d and market development; Actively pay attention to the industry development trends, accumulate research and development materials.

4. Assisted the department supervisor to carry out other work of reagent r&d department.

Microbial r&d engineer

USA 1 5K-8K

1. Majored in biological engineering and microbial fermentation, familiar with microbial separation, fermentation and preservation technology;

2. Research workers with fugu related projects are preferred;

3. Participated in or initiated seed microbial strain screening, sequencing and analysis of strain genes, filing of strain bank and filing of corresponding patent priority;

4. Proficient in NCBI, MEGA and Genebank Pubmed blast;

5. Passionate about research and development, strong sense of responsibility, good innovation ability, communication skills and team spirit;

6, outstanding ability, resources, experienced salary can be negotiable.


USA 1 4K-6K

Job responsibilities:

1. Applied for bills, purchased invoices, and prepared monthly financial statements;

2. Checking documents, issuing and keeping invoices;

3. Responsible for system data audit and fund settlement;

4. Responsible for external liaison with Banks, tax authorities and other departments;

5. Assisted leaders to complete other daily routine work.

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above in finance, accounting or related majors, with accounting qualification;

2. Have a solid foundation of accounting knowledge and more than two years of accounting experience;

3. Familiar with cash management and bank settlement, EPR financial software and office operation;

4. Strong ability of independent study and work, steadfast, careful and active in work;

5. Good professional ethics and teamwork spirit, strong communication, understanding and analysis skills;

6. Comprehensive accounting experience is preferred.

Accounting position benefits

1. Salary: 5.5k --7K

2, Monday to Friday 8:30-12:00 am, 13:30-18:00 PM, Saturday 8:30-12:00 am;

3. The company has a unified statutory holiday;

4. The annual leave, marriage leave and maternity leave shall be implemented uniformly according to the national regulations, and the spring break shall be over 15 days of rest in total;

5. The company has meals from time to time, travels once a quarter and holiday benefits;

6. The company shall purchase five insurances for employees.

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