The convenient way to detect antibodies


Immunoblots are a convenient method for detection of antibodies. R-Biopharm manufactures a variety of blot formats allowing reliable diagnosis of allergies or infectious diseases by detection of specific antibodies present in patients blood.


Immunoblot tests are enzyme immunoassays on a nitrocellulose membrane (the immunoblot). Purified molecules, for instance pathogen antigens or individual allergens, are immobilized in separate lines depending on the offered product. If the antibodies specific to the immobilized targets are present in the sample, they bind to the molecule on the membrane. They are subsequently detected using the biotin streptavidin interaction principle. As a consequence, visible color bands indicate a positive result.


In the case of serology diagnostics, the immunoblot test should be used for confirmation of positive results or clarification of unspecific findings with other serological methods.


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