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Company Introduction 

Here REAGEN LLC, We are IVD and POCT products manufacturer!focusing on ELISA kits including clinical disease detecting kits, food&feed safety test kits and animal epidemic virus detecting kits in US for 7 years.

Core products 

Mycotoxin ELISA Kit:  

Aflatoxin M1,Aflatoxin B1,Deoxynivalenol,Zearalenone

Veterinary Drug Residues Test Kit: 


Food In Test kit: 

Vitamin B12,Vitamin B7,Vitamin B9,L-Carnitine,Nitrate/Nitrite,Thiocyanate

Algal Toxin Test Kit: Tetrodotoxin ELISA Kit,TTX strip test

Insecticide Test Kit: Carbendazim

Experimental Instrument: 

Microplate reader,Microplate washer,Centrifuge,pipette,HealForceReal-TimePCR

Advantages of enterprise cooperation 

1.Exclusive agency can be authorized.

2.Flexible pricing system.

Advantages of elisa kit 


1.High recovery rapid, and cost-effective extraction methods

2.High sensitivity and low detection limit

3.High reproducibility

4.Strong specificity

5.High accuracy

6.The pretreatment method is diverse, flexible and convenient.

selling point of elisa kit  

1.have competitive price.

2.provide the free samples and technical support of 24 hours.


About Us

REAGEN LLC,focusing on ELISA kits including clinical disease detecting kits,food&feed safety test kits and animal epidemic virus detecting kits in US for 8 years

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